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Indic Pacific Legal Research publishes the paperback versions of its reports, books and other relevant publications in paperback and hardbound forms. We also republish some of the previous books and reports developed by our member organisations, Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law and Global Law Assembly.

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2021 Handbook on AI and International Law

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Technical Reports

Regulatory Sandboxes for Artificial Intelligence: Techno-Legal Approaches for India, ISAIL-TR-002

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Technical Reports

India-led Global Governance in the Indo-Pacific: Basis & Approaches, GLA-TR-003

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Technical Reports

Global Customary International Law Index: A Prologue [GLA TR 00X]

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Technical Reports

An Indian Perspective on Special Purpose Acquisition Companies, GLA-TR-001

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2020 Handbook on AI and International Law

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Technical Reports

Regulatory Sovereignty in India: Indigenizing Competition-Technology Approaches, ISAIL-TR-001

Technical Reports

An Indic Approach to AI Ethics [ISAIL TR 00X]

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Technical Reports

Regularizing Artificial Intelligence Ethics in the Indo-Pacific, GLA-TR-002

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